Logos 150 V

High Current Lithium Ion 150WHr V-Mount On-Board Battery

The LOGOS-150 V is a full size, robust, high current 150WHr On-Board battery designed for V-mounts. The Logos features DUAL high current D-Tap output connectors, intuitive OLED four color display, and re- cell/ service capable housing. The intuitive display on the LOGOS-150 V will automatically switch to provide critical information depending on the mode of operation. In Discharge mode the display shows; Battery Energy remaining, Battery Voltage, Discharge Current, and Run Time remaining based on dynamic load. In Charge mode the display shows; Battery Energy level, Battery Voltage, & Charge Current. The LOGOS-150 V also contains a simple four segment LED display for quick reference. The Logos 150 V is compatible with Block Battery Chargers ONLY.

Designed For:

  • V-Mount 14V Cameras , Lights, & accessories
  • 0-150 Watt Loads
Call for special package pricing • Trade-in options available


Logos Quad V

4 Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger

D-Tap Single

Single Channel Fast Charger


T-Pot 14/28

Combines two Logos batteries & gives 14/ 28/ or 48V outputs
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