28 VDC High Current Block Battery
The High Current version of our best selling SLi-D600 The SLi-HC600 is a 608Wh high current block for lighting and stabilized remote heads. The SLi-HC600 comes standard with two 25V~34.5V outputs. The HC-600 can be customized to match the voltage range of your equipment. The SLi-HC600 has a UPS mode where the battery can charge and be used at the same time. These batteries can also be linked together for increased capacity.

Designed For:

  • 28V Lights & Remote Heads
  • 150-500 Watt Loads
Inquire about specific voltage requirements

$2,150 Charger included


PSU-185 36.5



Pelican Air 1507 Case with Custom Foam


Cartridge Analyzer & Balancer

Balances & Analyzes up to 10 cartridges

Side car 14 or 48

$140 / $250

14V or 48V regulated step down and step up accessory

28V Eliminator Plates

Battery eliminator for Gold, V, B mounts. This plate provides a 4 pin XLR input connector for powering through the mount from the block
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