Triple Voltage Selectable Block Battery
The Ni600 Block Battery is designed for power hungry cinematic camera rigs. Sticking with the traditional NiMH chemistry does provide ease of transport when deploying blocks to remote locations. The Ni600 provides three different outputs; unregulated 28V for higher power demands with max efficiency, unregulated 14V for standard cinema cameras and a regulated 28V for cameras with narrow voltage ranges. The Ni600 also has incorporated a cartridge based design that makes service, recelling and maintenance extremely easy and cost effective.

Designed For:

  • 14V & 28V Cameras & accessories
  • 0-250 Watt Loads

Call for special package pricing • Trade-in options available

$2,550 Charger sold separately



3 Hour Fast Charger

800C Charge Cable



14V Eliminator Plates

Battery eliminator for Gold, V, B mounts. This plate provides a 4 pin XLR input connector for powering through the mount from the block
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